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Combat ‘Zombie Land-esque’ business processes with Sales Cloud

Oct 31, 2022 | Managed Services, Manufacturing, Marketing Cloud

Siloed processes, shadowy messaging that turns potential customers away, wasted time–these all contribute to a disastrous bottom line. How long must you be haunted by these dark, unproductive spaces? It’s as if you’re stuck in a Zombie Land–mindlessly following legacy business practices with archaic technology that wasn’t built to simplify processes or respond to the expectations of today’s customers.

On any other day of the year, you might not think of your legacy technologies or “we’ve always done it that way processes” as akin to the ghoulish and haunting image that a Zombie Land brings to mind, but they are in essence just that. 

If your infrastructure is eating away at valuable resources and sales opportunities, here’s a special spooktacular holiday blog edition where we address how the Salesforce platform enables companies to effectively battle and overcome their “walking dead”, or any other pesky obstacle that interferes with business growth.

Keep reading to learn how you can tackle the often nightmarish dead zones that interfere with controlling customer churn, coordinating departments for meaningful CX, simplifying supply chain processes, and encouraging revenue growth. Let’s unearth some insights!

Automation battles customer churn

Here’s a scary statistic: Over half (66 percent) of customers will terminate their relationship with a company because of bad customer service. Although customer churn is an anticipated part of sales, accepting rising numbers in churn shouldn’t be sucking the soul out of customer management.  

At Simplus, we believe a single source of truth that provides a full view of your customers is a strategic first step. 

“Each system you integrate or onboard within your organization will have certain pieces of information that are either generated from that system or that the system updates,” explains Honey Bhatnagar and Ryan Larson at Simplus. “To ensure that the correct data is appropriately sourced and not overwritten or changed, you need to decide which system is the “source of truth” for that data.”

With the addition of Genie powering popular Salesforce products like Marketing Cloud and Revenue Cloud, for example, your sales team can gather and consolidate customer data collected from various platforms–as it happens. That means your team understands your customers and can seamlessly provide the best possible solution from the first interaction and develop meaningful touches throughout the customer journey.  

‍Eliminate supply chain nightmares

Customers don’t want to be ghosted with hazy shipping dates, pricing, and inventory. Transparency in services, such as self-service portals, and CRM automation will blast away those obstacles. 

“As the supply chain volatility escalates with inflation, customers are demanding more transparency on the status of orders and availability of parts, and they want changes in order statuses to be communicated in real time,” says Buyan Thyagarajan.  

Leveraging your CRM automation can help you dismember those lifeless, siloed processes that clog up supply chain data and scare off valued customers. 

“With increasing inquiries about orders and the supply chain, instead of sending duplicate messages with ERP and CRM systems, marketing teams should be leveraged to send personalized messages to customers at different stages of orders and for any supply chain changes, thus creating transparency and building trust with customers,” saidThyagarajan, adding that a more targeted CRM system builds more personalized CX and saves money. 

Take cues from the zombie playbook: Multiply and Conquer

Successful infrastructures enable customers to move quickly through multiple stages of the purchasing process–from sales to partners to digital storefronts-without compromising the experience. But here’s the magical part, customers pass through different service platforms while their specific product configuration, service needs, and purchasing history are preserved. 

No more disjointed CX. Say goodbye to scary wasteful and deathly inefficient processes, and say hello to explosively profitable and simplified strategies that your company can live with. 


Learn more at the upcoming CIO Roundtable in Chicago on November 17.




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