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At a Glance

With an out of the box Salesforce installation, the Talena team wasn’t sure how to configure and optimize their Sales Cloud instance. Simplus was brought in to provide consulting and training.

Services Provided
  • Implementation
  • Consulting
  • Training

Getting More from Salesforce

Talena had a fresh installation of Salesforce, without any additional configuration. Without the visibility into reports, and lack of automation, the system wasn’t able to be fully utilized.

A successful Salesforce instance hinges on leveraging best practices to streamline and automate business processes. For that reason, Simplus was brought in to optimize the Talena Salesforce instance.

One large pain point was a lack of visibility into data. The process of manually downloading and creating reports was not manageable for the long term.

I was looking at a Salesforce instance out-of-the-box. It wasn’t configured, reporting wasn’t set up, hierarchies weren’t set up. So we had to start from the bottom. I knew that Simplus was experienced in not only configuring Salesforce, but best practices for using Salesforce.

Karen Johnson, Sales Development Manager

The Outcome

After completing the Salesforce implementation, Simplus provided consulting for best practices, enhancements and features to empower the Talena team. Starting with those best practices is the best way to ensure the long-term health and success of a Salesforce installation.

To address Talena’s largest pain point, Simplus set up automatic reports that circumvented the need to manually download and then copy and paste to make the reports. In addition, Simplus set up custom dashboards to gather and display the pertinent data to the different users roles.

Simplus also provided hands-on training that saved Talena valuable time and money.

Working with Simplus at a previous company, I knew the professional results I would get to configure and customize our instance of SF.com. Additionally I was impressed with their depth of knowledge for best practices in all the reporting and dashboards I required. Working with them is always a pleasure.

Karen Johnson, Sales Development Manager

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Talena recognized that a new data management architecture is needed to handle the scale-out requirements of modern, big data platforms. The Talena software product integrates machine learning with unique storage optimization to reduce the cost of backup, recovery, test data management, and archiving.

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