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At a Glance

After working with Simplus to leverage the power of Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, Fiskars dramatically increased the efficiency of service tickets, integrated with their ERP, and provided process visibility to their customer service team.

Services Provided
  • Implementation Services
  • Advisory Services
  • Custom Configuration
  • Change Managment

Leveraging Service Cloud + ERP for both Fiskars and Gerber


As a leading consumer goods company, Fiskars needed an efficient and effective service process to manage warranty support cases that were submitted by their customers. Simplus simultaneously worked with both the Fiskars and Gerber (a subdivision of Fiskars) to determine the key pain points and design and develop a solution on Service Cloud. Goals included:

  • A scalable solution that in which warranty claims entered through Fiskars & Gerber websites are handled by a custom Salesforce case management solution
  • A standardized database in Salesforce.com that seamlessly integrates with Silverpop marketing automation software
  • A Case Management solution that integrates easily with web applications and automates communication with the end consumer through email marketing tools
  • Reports to provide insight on products at a macro and micro level
  • Workflows and dashboards to make data easily available and lead to more efficient resource allocation
  • Integrated order data to and from JDE ERP and Salesforce.com
  • A solution that allows a single direction integration of Products data from JDE ERP to Salesforce.com
We have used Simplus in the past, and they have always done an incredibly professional job with projects, providing thoughtful insights and context to our implementation. From their work with other clients, they’re able to pull from a vault of previous experience to suggest various ways we may want to accomplish a task, along with pros and cons for each approach.

Nicole Vafadari, Global IT Service Manager, CRM & Digital Marketing

The Outcome

By housing all warranty information within Service Cloud, Fiskars now had a much more streamlined and efficient service process. These benefits included one centralized and accurate database for all claims, a 360 degree view for service reps to track claims, a multitude of reporting options and dashboards, and an improved customer experience.

  • After realizing huge efficiency gains, saving 40 hours a week in warranty administration
  • The Fiskars quality team could now pull data on specific quality issues within minutes, a task that had previously taken days.
  • The number of calls placed to customer service at Gerber has decreased due to automatic order status updates via Silverpop
This implementation has been widely used and extremely successful in adoption. No one questions why we have this. The product is speaking for itself.

Nicole Vafadari, Global IT Service Manager, CRM & Digital Marketing

About Fiskars

Fiskars is dedicated to enriching people’s lives in the home, garden and outdoor. Fiskars globally recognized brands include Fiskars, Iittala, Gerber, Royal Copenhagen, Wedgwood and Waterford. Fiskars’ products are available in more than 100 countries and the company employs around 8,600 people in over 30 countries.

Headquarters: Helsinki, Finland
Industry: Consumer Goods
Website: www.fiskars.com