Centralized onboarding with a Salesforce implementation

When a new employee joins your team, it often comes with a lot of paperwork and required training materials. If this process isn’t centralized in one system, however, it easily gets hard to manage. That’s the challenge ABM was confronting when they asked Simplus for help using Salesforce to change things for the better.

ABM had standard onboarding as well as extra safety and compliance trainings that all needed to be tracked for regulation needs. Under its previous system, it was difficult to monitor and capture this process, frustrating both managers and new hires. Simplus implemented Sales Cloud for ABM to leverage and streamline onboarding. ABM can now easily launch training paths thanks to the custom development and consulting Simplus provided. An ABM admin just has to check a box on a user record to send emails that launch the centralized training materials for each new hire. Using a Visualforce “My Training” page with content from several different Salesforce objects, Simplus made it so that a user can go through the various videos and quizzes with ease while also tracking that information on the backend for managers monitoring the process. No longer a disjointed process, onboarding at ABM is refreshingly easy and straightforward. Learn more about our work with ABM below or on our ABM client case study page!



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