brandon hand

Meet Brandon Hand — Simplus’ June Hitter in the Ranks

Brandon may have started life on a simple dirt road in rural Alabama, but now he makes tremendous contributions to what can sometimes be a complex series of both the team’s and customer’s needs. 

We spoke with Brandon to learn more about what he does for Simplus and why he enjoys working here so much. 


What do you do at Simplus?

I’m responsible for the central region for Managed Services. I make sure all of our accounts are successful and that our teams are in a position to succeed.

What are some of your hobbies? 

 3D printing, hiking, backpacking, and anything outdoors.

Which achievements are you most proud of, either personal or professional? 

I’m most proud of being able to work from home and watch my son grow up and learning new things each day.

Why do you like working at Simplus? 

I really enjoy the challenge but also the freedom that comes with direct ownership of the success of my accounts. The ability to come to creative solutions that benefit the customer as well as the Simplus project team is unique in my experiences.


Congratulations, Brandon! We’re so happy that you’re part of the Simplus family!

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