Inverse Scaling with CPQ to Reduce Your Sales Cycle

Get More Done with Less

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Streamline the Sales Cycle and Realize Revenue Quicker

Throughout this ebook, our aim is to provide you with the basic best practices to streamline selling and start realizing more revenue quickly. We’ll take a look at how you can reduce time in each stage of the sales cycle and—with the help of CPQ tools—how you can simplify overly complicated offerings, price deals and get approvals quickly, and create quotes that will win the deal.

In this ebook, we’ll explore four key concepts around shortening the sales cycle:

  • How Time Adds Up During Each Sales Cycle Stage
  • Navigating Overly Complicated Product Books and SKU Lists
  • Pricing Deals and Getting Approvals Quickly
  • Creating a Quote That is Attractive and Accurate with CPQ

Download this ebook and learn more about shortening your sales cycles.

Ryan WestwoodKyle Hanagarne is the VP of Communications, Media, and Technology at Simplus. He is a Salesforce CPQ expert and has been working with companies for more than a decade to help them implement Salesforce to solve different kinds of pain points in sales cycles.

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