The Complete Guide to Implement CPQ for HLS

Learn the Keys to Rapidly Increasing Your Sales, Profitability and Productivity For HLS Sales Teams and Organizations

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Are You Prepared For The Massive Shift In Health and Life Science Organization?

Learn how HLS Organizations who implement Salesforce CPQ Can…

  • Reduce Wasted Time From Manual Sales Quotes
  • Identify Specializations, Add-Ons and Options to Increase Deal Size.
  • Increase Sales by Providing Fast Accurate Quotes
  • Lowering Compay Costs
  • Improving Collaboration Between Provider, Patient and Your Organization
  • Enhancing the Overall Patient Experience

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Health and life sciences organizations are in the middle of a major shift: the pivot to value-based care and more patient-focused processes is nigh. Part of this transition includes a revamp of how HLS organizations approach their sales cycle. Unfortunately, manual errors, data silos, security concerns, and slow turnaround times plague sales.

Paul Stevenson

Paul StevensonPaul Stevenson is Simplus’ Subject Matter Expert in HLS CRM Strategy. An expert with deep CRM experience in healthcare, telecom, distribution, and financial segments, Paul is a consultant who drives CRM innovations to clear a path for growth in revenue and operational efficiency. He has handson experience in developing, marketing, and selling CRM Apps and is a proven project leader with skills to lead CRM integrations with payer, provider, telecom, and proprietary operational and financial information systems.

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Discover more ways to transform culture and start providing better, more customer-centric care to healthcare customers.

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