Benefits of Managed Services for business’ Oracle instance

Balancing specialization versus broad knowledge is a difficult balance to strike. As you start scaling your business, you might find it more cost effective to grab generalists where you can; you’re all wearing a million hats anyway, so it’s okay if your developers do some things that might be tossed over to ops in a larger organization. Or maybe your sales team pulls some double duty on some common marketing tasks. That usually works fine when you’re small, but becomes increasingly difficult as you make more money and have more demands on everyone’s time. Then you move to hiring specialists. Your operations team grows, finance expands (and your CFO doesn’t have to do everything with the books, which makes her very happy), and now you’ve tapped into the great things that specialists bring to the table.

Now you’ve reached a different problem in the scaling process. How do you know whether you need to hire someone instead of using a managed service, especially around your Oracle implementation? How can you balance against the need for highly skilled labor while still keeping costs low? You still want the benefits of specialists but don’t want costs to go crazy. That’s where you can tap into Managed Services to not only get access to a specialist on Oracle but an entire team of experts on Oracle. A team that can scale based on needs and brings knowledge to improve your processes. Here are three benefits to Managed Services you may not have yet considered:


World-class consultants

Where a managed service can often be better than an in-house specialist is through access to an entire team of people working on your account. With Managed Services for Oracle at Simplus, you get access to some of the world’s premier Oracle CPQ solution architects. These experts can tackle any Oracle implementation question and create a solution perfect for your needs. Additionally, there is power in diversity: “Everyone has their own way of viewing a problem, shaped by the individual experiences that they have had. When tackling an issue, wouldn’t it be better to have multiple interpretations and approaches, rather than everyone contributing the same thoughts and conclusions?” More people means more brains working to solve your problems, making it more likely that someone has come across a similar problem in a past project, and that means better and quicker solutions. And finally, when you use a managed service team you’re not reliant on just one person who might happen to be on vacation when stuff gets scary. Having a team means a single vacation doesn’t delay work or scuttle it altogether.


CPQ optimization model

To truly optimize and get the most out of Oracle CPQ, you have to do a lot of work beyond the initial implementation. Our Oracle experts serve as guides for the whole CPQ journey and Managed Services for Oracle gives you access to our experts any time you need them and in any role you need. The CPQ optimization model brings flexibility to Oracle usage. We can extend beyond passive administration to serve in advisory roles, help identify functional priorities, and aid in change management that aligns with evolving business needs.


Process improvement

As mentioned, we’re a team of specialists who deal with Oracle day in and day out. If you have an issue, it’s likely that someone has already come across it. Our team also brings best practices gleaned from every organization to avoid pitfalls in the process. We care 100% about service and satisfaction for customers and will make sure that your implementation and usage are delivering the value you need them to day in and day out.


Managed Services from Simplus enable you to tap into a team of Oracle specialists without breaking the bank. Our diverse team is available when you need it, and our collective knowledge will ensure that you’re getting the most out of the tools you need.


Contact us at Simplus today, or learn more about managed services here.

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