The cost of doing nothing in manufacturing: Why transitioning to digital automation matters to the bottom line

Lunch & Learn Online Webinar
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Speak the words “digital automation” and businesses see two things: a sleek automated future or dollar signs.

There’s no denying transitioning to digital automation comes with upfront costs, but working off old technology can cost a company more in the long run.

Learn how digital automation positively impacts not only revenue but profitability and customer satisfaction. From identifying revenue leakage to the importance of staying competitive to being customer-focused, this is a Simplus Session not to be missed.

This session will bring together industry thought leaders to discuss best practice insights.

More details coming soon!

About Simplus Sessions:

Simplus Sessions is a new educational series bought to you by Simplus. Designed for C-level executives and emerging leaders, Simplus Sessions brings together industry experts and change-makers to share key learnings from their digital transformation journeys. Simplus Sessions is an opportunity to workshop digital change challenges and make new connections with industry peers.

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