Public Sector

Using Salesforce cloud solutions, Simplus works with state and local government agencies to deliver improved user-centric services and transform citizen engagement.


Engaging Citizens Is the Way Forward for Government

Building digital capabilities is a high priority for the public sector as departments look towards transforming citizens’ experiences. With this comes a need to deliver relevant and personalised services, built on centralised data via a CRM.

Simplus Understands the Unique Challenges for Government


We have successfully delivered value around digital service delivery for a number of government agencies. Our goals are:

1. Transform citizen experience and engagement

Understanding how to improve the lives of citizens using technology is critical to government transformation and drives how to best design, build and deliver exceptional services.

2. Improve efficiency and viability of agency processes

The vast amount of data, siloed systems and manual processes makes it difficult for government employees to analyse information for use in their day-to-day operations. Simplus helps agencies break down silos, automate systems, and make data reliable.

3. Provide a single platform for improved service delivery, data, and analytics

Ensuring that data in accessible, safe, usable, and in the correct format is essential for governance and reporting to align stakeholders, make informed decisions and improve outcomes.

The Age of the Citizen


The rapid pace of technological change, including the widespread adoption of digital technology, means that citizens’ expectations of government is growing. Citizens who access online services are consistently more satisfied than those who use other channels. Government agencies must adapt quickly and find ways to break down silos, share knowledge and invest in improved technology if they are to meet expectations.

transforming citizen experience and engagement

Create a User-Centric Approach

Reduced complexity and data integration helps facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration between departments and provides a single source of truth. This helps to ensure that services are accessible and easy to use for citizens and information is consistent, seamless and accessible for employees.

Drive integration

Drive Integration Through Seamless Processes

Job tasks which are routine and repetitive can be fully automated to free up time for higher-value tasks, relieving the administrative burden for employees. This also helps eliminate manual errors and duplication across agencies and drives greater efficiency. 

Single platform for improved service delivery data-and analytics

Enable Greater Governance and Risk Management

Agile reporting on initiatives improves transparency and accountability and allows for data-informed decision making, which helps improve policy and service design. Data can be collected and accessed across multiple devices and shared in real time, allowing for greater inter-agency collaboration.

Solution Platforms

100% Cross-Cloud Salesforce Solutions

Sales Cloud

Service Cloud

Community Cloud


Field Service Lightning

Einstein Analytics


Marketing Cloud

Integration Tools

Why Partner with Simplus?

Simplus is a Platinum Salesforce Partner providing digital transformation through advisory, implementation, change management and managed services. We have worked with a number of government agencies to build stronger connections between citizens, employees, governments, services and the information they all need. Globally, with more than 4,500 successful projects and a customer satisfaction rating in the top 1% of all Salesforce partners, our goal is to help government become more responsive, effective and efficient.



Sydney Olympic Park Authority

“We partnered with Simplus Australia to implement an aggressive transformation program to deliver the streamlined systems, customer journey roadmap and data foundations vital to fulfilling our masterplan for a revitalized residential and events destination.”

Parth Gandhi, Head of digital and IT



SA Health

“We really felt confident that Simplus understood what we were trying to do and would continue to understand and ask questions. The process was very clear.”

Evlynn Hayes, Manager Seniors Card & Business Services SA Gov.