Streamline your processes from initial customer inquiry to service delivery with a single source of truth.

Client Success
The Australian Utilities Sector has Experienced a Period of Rapid Change.


Externally, customers now expect better service from their utility companies. They demand a seamless experience, irrespective of the channel, whether that’s the call centre, online, webchat, IVR, or offline support.


Internally, data integrity has become more critical than ever before, as utility companies have enormous customer bases, which often span across several states. So utility companies are now on a journey to improve their processes and better understand and build trust with their customers to become more than just a source of power or water.

Simplus Utilties


Utilities are using Simplus’ industry experience and Salesforce Cross-Cloud expertise to drive this customer revolution and transform their customer relationships, while also drastically improving productivity.


Creating A New Kind Of
Customer Experience

  • Improve your centre efficiencies and your customer’s experience with Salesforce
  • Promote customer retention and provide a platform to offer new products to your customers
  • Bring together the services you provide across all channels (call centre, web, chat, IVR, offline support) into a single 360-view of the customer
  • Use data to identify a customer’s history and preferences, to contextualise every customer journey, and to provide the personalised experience they expect
  • Service more customers in real-time, reduce errors, save time, and improve operational efficiencies
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Simplify Pricing, Selling, And Customer Engagement

  • In the past, providing customers with recommendations on how to save money was counterintuitive. Today, it is an integral part of what utilities are chartered to do with their customers
  • Automated processes guide self-service users to the right answer, deflecting costly calls to the contact centre
  • Help customers get the products and services they need in a way that aligns with your energy efficiency initiatives in real-time
  • Case management and easy integration with current CRM and enterprise systems provide comprehensive front-to-back office automation
  • Open the communication between you and your customers around supply and demand of power 24/7, enabling better informed decisions around its usage for all parties

Reduce Time To Market

  • Quick and flexible introduction of new products and services according to market demand
  • Seamless customer onboarding
  • Build strong ties with the business community
  • Real-time customer notifications: moving to a new home, power outages, invoicing, and plan changes

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