ASC 606 Exclusives


Beginning December 2018, the new revenue recognition standard known as ASC 606—or IFRS 15 elsewhere
in the world—will require businesses to modernize and report their revenue in wholly different ways.

Businesses will need to put in place important new administrative controls that will have ripple effects on a variety of accounting and auditing functions.
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next-generation technology solutions will enable you to become ASC 606 compliant with minimal effort. The processes that you’ll be modernizing and the software systems you’ll be upgrading will dramatically improve productivity, lower costs, and enhance relationships with customers.

With the right guidance, ASC 606 can have a positive impact on your business.

What is ASC 606?

Financial Force, Conga, and Simplus discuss the new revenue recognition standard and its impact on
businesses across the United States.

What is ASC 606, and how can I become compliant?

What happens if I don’t comply?


Wondering what happens if you don’t comply with the new revenue recognition standard? Simplus experts Basil Chidi Funk, Tim Smith, and Randy West explain the hazards of noncompliance, as well as the business opportunities now available with ASC 606.

How can ASC 606 enhance your business?

Download our ebook, “The Business Case for ASC 606 Compliance.”

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