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AHCL Case Study

Dec 5, 2014 | Admin, Health and Life Sciences, Latest News, Sales Cloud

American Healthcare Lending (AHCL) is one of the nation’s leading patient financing platforms. AHCL allows hospitals, physicians, and other health services providers non-recourse loans up to $100,000 that can be accessed from the office, at home, or on any mobile device to finance expensive medical procedures like bariatric surgery or in-vitro fertilization.

For years, AHCL used spreadsheets and queries to track customer analytics and performance. On average, the AHCL analytics team spent 1.5 hours each workday trying to sync data between company spreadsheets and Salesforce. Valuable company and customer time was lost in this tedious process.

AHCL Executives enlisted Outbox Systems to make customer analytics more accessible, speed up workflow processes and streamline customer success operations. Outbox Systems built a sophisticated web application on the platform, which has permitted AHCL to seamlessly migrate customer analytics and provider data directly to Salesforce. The system integration built by Outbox Systems has allowed AHCL to dramatically reduce operational and opportunity costs, has made customer data more actionable, and has shortened the onboarding time for new customers.

AHCL’s new Online Provider Dashboard provides real time tracking of loan inquiries, detailed reporting, unlimited training, password management, and access to live lending consultants via chat. Since enlisting Outbox Systems, AHCL has dramatically shortened new client onboarding time from 14 days to just 6.5 hours, which has permitted AHCL to onboard five to seven times more accounts with the same number of employees. This increase in organizational productivity has allowed AHCL to achieve an increased client satisfaction rate, and has significantly improved employee performance.

The work performed by Outbox Systems helped AHCL earn one of the prestigious Salesforce 2014 Sales Surfboard Awards. The winning companies are record breakers, creative thinkers, and game changers who have demonstrated outstanding sales and marketing success. AHCL accepted the Productivity Machine Award at Dreamforce 2014 and also presented their success story in one of the Dreamforce sessions.

Cloud integration services provided by Outbox Systems have allowed AHCL to more effectively fulfill its mission to Make Healthcare Affordable™ for thousands of patients throughout the country.


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